Project Statements

The artists’ books of ParaDigital and their associated web content are designed to ask questions about virtual navigation in all of its complexity. Our maneuvers between Instagrams, finstas, and the space behind those two bastions. The Rubin’s Vase of nature and digital photos of nature, stories and storylines, friends and “friends”. Below are links to short essays concerning the issues that informed each project, along with supplemental photographs of the books.

Emma Annonio, ABCs of Girl Power

Anonymous, Life: It Sucks Sometimes

Amanda Austin-Bassett, Soul Collage: My Savage Garden

Jarred Bloom, Dollar Bin

Julia Caldwell, Beauty and Her Beast

Caroline Crimmins, Piddles Travels Around the World

Isabella Fazio, The Singing Book

Yadelin Fernandez, Women-Libs

Michaelena Ferraro, A Memory Deferred

Thomas Gillingham, Notified and Rejected

Hayley Hare, Developmental Scrapbook

Tessa Hensler, Love Always,

Hayley Jones, Music Box

Kayla Kenny, Street View

Anthony Lyon, Foundations

Julia Merante, Rape Kit

Ben Michalak, Follow the Path

Jackson Michalski, Pocket Sized Addictions

Rebecca Nace, Lock and Key

Kelly Parrett, A Carefully Constructed Campus

Samantha Phillips, Do We Change?

Sarah Pleines, The Light Keeper

Olivia Root, More Than Meets the Eye

Patrick Ruehle, Morekashian-Best Mansion Tour Companion

Amanda Sheps, GRETA: The Environmentalist Cookbook

Andrew Shutes, America: The Wall

Ravenna VanOstrand, Read Receipts

Helen Warfle, AudioVisual Machine

Monica Weber, Geode: On Female Friendships

Nick Widman, The Martian

Image credits: antomoro, Old Library, Trinity College, Dublin, Wikimedia Commons; Wikimedia Foundation Servers, Wikimedia Commons; Mike Dickison, Interior of the Auckland Museum library, showing the shelving curved to fit the round atrium space, Wikimedia Commons; Florian Hirzinger, Server Room in CERN, Switzerland, Wikimedia Commons.