Project Statements 2022

The artists’ books of ParaDigital and their associated web content are designed to ask questions about virtual navigation in all of its complexity. Our maneuvers between Instagrams, finstas, and the space behind those two bastions. The Rubin’s Vase of nature and digital photos of nature, stories and storylines, friends and “friends”. Below are links to short essays concerning the issues that informed each project, along with supplemental photographs of the books.

Lines of handwritten script, some of the letters in red

Lines of computer code, with some commands highlighted in color

Selection of text from HG Wells' novel "The Time Machine"

Against a black background, lines of green and blue computer code

Image credits: The announcement of the marriage between Lucia Visconti and Edmund Holland, 4th Earl of Kent, British Library Harley MS 565 f 68r; Martin Vorel, Programming Code, Wikimedia Commons; HG Wells, from The Time Machine, Internet Archive; Computer Codes, Pexels.