Sextuple stereotype perfecting press and folders with color printing attachment (1899). Wikimedia Commons.

ParaDigital grows out of a course taught in Fall 2019 and Fall 2022 by Ken Cooper at SUNY Geneseo. Its student participants / bookmakers are listed in the Project Statements section.

We’re grateful to colleagues who generously facilitated departmental space for display at various locations during the 2019 exhibit : Milne Library (Dan Ross); Office of the Provost (Stacey Robertson); Welles Hall (Robert Doggett, Gillian Paku); Integrated Science Center (Scott Giorgis, Dori Farthing, Sarah Gaudio, Robert O’Donnell, Kazushige Yokoyama); Fraser Hall (Jeffrey Koch). A special thanks to Debby Emerson at the Wadsworth Library. For the 2022 exhibition, our thanks to the relocated but still amazing staff at Fraser Library.

Elizabeth Argentieri gathered artists’ books from Milne Library for a helpful hands-on introduction. In 2019, Amanda Austin-Bassett assisted with photography; Helen Warfle with calligraphy; and Ben Michalak and Julia Merante with curation. In 2022, Diana Morley assisted with photography; and Lauren Davies and Lauren Silveman with curation. Paul Schacht provided crucial WordPress design advice and chop-shop support.