Sextuple stereotype perfecting press and folders with color printing attachment (1899). Wikimedia Commons.

ParaDigital grows out of a Fall 2019 course taught by Ken Cooper at SUNY Geneseo. Its student participants / bookmakers are listed in the Project Statements section.

We’re grateful to colleagues who generously facilitated departmental space for display at various locations : Milne Library (Dan Ross); Office of the Provost (Stacey Robertson); Welles Hall (Robert Doggett, Gillian Paku); Integrated Science Center (Scott Giorgis, Dori Farthing, Sarah Gaudio, Robert O’Donnell, Kazushige Yokoyama); Fraser Hall (Jeffrey Koch). A special thanks to Debby Emerson at the Wadsworth Library.

Elizabeth Argentieri gathered artists’ books from Milne Library for a helpful hands-on introduction. Amanda Austin-Bassett assisted with photography; Helen Warfle with calligraphy; and Ben Michalak and Julia Merante with curation. Paul Schacht provided crucial WordPress design advice and chop-shop support.