Pocket Sized Addictions

Picture #1 – Pocket Watch
An advertisement for an Elgin brand pocket watch from 1902.
Image result for old wrist watch advertisement
Picture #2 – Wrist Watch
An advertisement for a Zodiac brand wrist watch from 1948
Image result for electric watch advertisement
Picture #3 – Electric Watch
An advertisement for a Timex brand Electric Watch from 1968
Image result for apple watch advertisement
Picture #4 – Smart Watch
An advertisement for an Apple brand Smart Watch from 2015
Image result for walkman advertisement
Picture #5 – Cassette Player
An advertisement for a SONY brand cassette player from 1980
Image result for cd player advertisement
Picture #6 – CD Player
An advertisement for an Aiwa brand CD Player from 1994
Image result for ipod ad 2005
Picture #7 – MP3 Player
An advertisement for an Apple brand MP3 Player from 2005
Image result for mobile phone advertisement 1980s
Picture #8 – Mobile Phone
An advertisement for a Tandy brand Mobile Phone from Radio Shack from 1989
Image result for flip phone advertisement 2003
Picture #9 – Flip Phone
An advertisement for an LG brand flip phone from 2003
Image result for samsung galaxy s4 advertisement
Picture #10 – Smart Phone
An advertisement for a Samsung brand smart phone from 2013
Picture #11 – Social Media (actually a video, not a picture)

An advertisement for the social media platform Facebook from 2018
1942 Ripley's Believe it or Not Ad
Picture #12 – Tobacco Pipe
An advertisement for a Dr. Grabow brand Pipe from 1942
Image result for cigar advertisement
Picture #13 – Cigar
An advertisement for Owl brand cigars from 1909
Image result for cigarette advertisement
Picture #14 – Cigarette
An advertisement for Camel brand cigarettes from 1931
A print Juul advertisement that ran in Vice Magazine in 2015 as part of the e-cigarette company'’s... [+] launch campaign, “Vaporized.”
Picture #15 – E-Cigarette
An advertisement for a Juul brand e-cigarette from 2015
Image result for gum advertisement
Picture #16 – Chewing Gum
An advertisement for Wrigley’s brand gum from 1920
Image result for copenhagen advertisement
Picture #17 – Chewing Tobacco
An advertisement for Copenhagen brand chewing tobacco from 2001
Image result for pocket flask advertisement
Picture #18 – Flask

An advertisement for a J.C. Vickery brand flask from 1914
Image result for thc pen advertisement
Picture #19 – Dab Pen

An advertisement for a Neos brand dab pen from 2015
Image result for ear bud advertisement
Picture #20 – Earbuds

An advertisement for SONY brand earbuds from 2012
Picture #21 – Diary (actually another video)

An advertisement for a Barbie brand secret Diary from 2003

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