Jackson Michalski, “Pocket Sized Addictions”

Everybody has their addictions, certain little things that they can’t leave home without. Things thats absence from your pockets will make you feel naked. The idea of having small pocket sized objects that bring you comfort throughout the day is a concept that has been around for a long time. In my artist’s book “Pocket Sized Addictions,” I document some of the most prevalent of these comfort items and explore how they have evolved over time. I would wager that nearly any person who reads my book will find at least several of these “little addictions” that apply to themselves. These addictions span across history, some of which have faded from relevance and others of which are very common in modern society. 

Each page of my book has a different item that would be common to find in someone’s pocket. Each item features the time period it was first seen as well as a brief description of the item’s historical significance and other facts about its use, conception, and social impact. Along with this, each item also has a space for QR code which links to wordpress and features an image of the object. 

The book itself was made of cardboard and wrapped in leather to give it a professional feeling. The book documents things similar to the style of an encyclopedia and I wanted its exterior to reflect that. The title was burned into the cover with a wood burner. The pages inside were bound together with glue, with the first and last page glued to each cover. This process resulted in what looks like a legitimate book.

Addiction is a topic that has always been very meaningful to me, and I hope that this book can help people take a look at themselves and identify just how many things they need to get through the day.

To view the digital content of “Pocket Sized Addictions,” click on this hyperlink.