Thomas Gillingham, “Notified and Rejected”

My project revolves around the generation I have been brought up in. Being the guinea-pig generation and growing up with tables and cellphones, my peers and I have been subdued by online data and pixels. The socioeconomic results of this upbringing is not only understudied, but many people constituting the “older” generations question the overall validity of the impact technology has had on my peers and I. My artist’s book maps out and replicates the “unknown” aspects of technology and the influence it has on the adolescent psyche. Specifically identifying the “disconnection” between self and technology, I would like to unravel these gaps and see how they influences the younger generation. With a simple shutting off of notifications as a gateway into a deeper meaning, I would like this artist book to dive into the complex relationship of self and the information-driven platforms of different technologies. I plan take a detailed look at the intentions of notification-ending messages as well as understanding the accessibility of becoming virtually “off the grid”. This goal is to create a transparent gateway into the psychological benefits/risks involved with detaching from the digital age and what that means to the individual.

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