The 39 Clues: Where Are They Now?

It’s been years since the 39 Clues message board was deleted and we last heard from the Cahills, the most powerful and influential family in human history. Upon learning that the message board’s deletion caused concern, Amy Cahill, the leader of that family, called upon her various distant relatives to update their extended family on what’s been going on during the past decade. Click on an agent to learn what they are up to in 2022!

Amy Cahill

Hi everyone. Amy Cahill here with a few updates (since it has come to my attention that our decision to delete the message board a few years ago caused some concern).

I’m still the head of the family. But the rest of the Madrigals have stepped in to help keep things running smoothly so that I’m no longer overwhelmed.

I graduated from Harvard a few years ago with degrees in history and archaeology. Now that I’m done with school, I’ve been working at one of the museums in the Boston area (unfortunately, I can’t disclose which one as that would be a security risk, just know that I’m really happy). I’ve also been traveling. Before Dan started graduate school, I met up with him and Atticus in Australia. We stayed with Uncle Shep and he taught us how to surf.

I’ve also been looking into ways to remember the lives of the people we lost during the clue hunt, the Vespers, etc. I established a few scholarships at Harvard that will completely cover the cost of education for low-income students. For my parents, I funded the Hope Cahill Memorial Scholarship (for history and archaeology students) and the Arthur Trent Memorial Scholarship (for math students). I also funded the Grace Cahill Memorial Scholarship (for anthropology and chemistry students) and the William “Mac” McIntyre Memorial Scholarship (for law students).

I didn’t create a scholarship for Evan. Instead, I anonymously paid for his younger sister’s tuition. I also donated money to our high school so that they could build a new computer lab in his name.

Aside from scholarships, I funded the St. Petersburg Children’s Theatre’s efforts to build a new theater, which I’ve requested they call the Irina and Nikolai Spasky Theatre. It’s opening next year. 

I’m still trying to think of something we could do for Alistair. The best we’ve come up with so far is donating an obscene amount of microwavable burritos to local soup kitchens. Let me know if you have a better idea!

I promise I’ll post again soon, but I’ve got to go now. I’m meeting Dan for dinner. And after that I need to pack, I have to catch a flight to London tomorrow. I have plans with Ian to go to a bunch of museums and historical sites.

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Dan Cahill

Hi everyone! Amy asked me to post some updates since some of you got worried when the old message board was deleted.

I’ve taken a step back from the family. I went to college and graduated with a degree in math. I took a year off to travel with Atticus and see the world without having to save it. I took another year off when the pandemic hit. And now I’m in graduate school for math. I want to get my Ph.D. and be a math professor like my dad was.

It hasn’t all been good since the whole killer bees incident. I was devastated when Saladin died a few years ago; it felt like losing my last connection to Grace. But there’s good news too. I came out as asexual and aromantic a few years ago and Hamilton and Jonah took me to my first Pride. I also got a new cat during the pandemic. He’s black with green eyes and I named him Ian which human Ian hates because he was never a cat person and because he can never tell whether I’m talking to him or my cat. 

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Ian Kabra

Fellow Cahills,

It has come to my attention that some of you have grown concerned that I haven’t posted in a decade. I assure you, everything is fine, it’s just been quiet the last few years. There hasn’t been a crisis that we’ve needed the amount of assistance that we used to. Even so, I thought that I would update you all, as I don’t want to worry you.

After Natalie died, Amy offered to let me stay at the mansion with her and Dan for as long as I needed. When I agreed, I thought that I would only be staying for a few weeks. After all, I had things that I needed to take care of in London. Moving, for starters. My childhood home had already felt a bit haunted after Natalie and I emancipated ourselves; my father’s study was always eerily quiet, and the only sound that ever came from my mother’s bedroom was the sound of Natalie crying in her closet. Without even Natalie, the whole place was too still, too massive for just me. I also had to attend business meetings with my father’s clients if I wanted to keep having money to live off of.

Somehow “a few weeks” turned into “until Amy and I graduate high school.” I had my father’s clients meet with me over Skype instead of at my office in the Kabra estate (don’t make fun, it was 2010, all we had was Skype). When I finally did get up the courage to clear out my childhood home, Amy and Dan came with me as moral support. I still remember getting to the estate and Dan saying, “When you said that every year someone would get lost on the grounds and your parents would have to send the homing poodles after them, I didn’t think you were serious.” 

Amy and I grew closer, finding that we have a lot more in common than we initially thought; particularly in that we’re both older siblings that were put in a position where we had to act as a parental figure towards our younger siblings. She let me talk about Natalie whenever I needed to. And she would talk to me whenever she was worried about Dan. Eventually, the friendship grew beyond shared trauma, and we now talk to each other about everything from books to fashion.

She went to Harvard, while I went to Oxford where I double majored in Business and Political Science. We kept up with each other over text, FaceTime, etc. After college, I took over AidWorksWonders, renamed it Natalie’s Closet, and turned it into a charity focused on helping impoverished people find job opportunities and on providing them with professional attire that will allow them to stand out in a job interview.

I moved back in with Amy and Dan during the pandemic. I now split my time between London and Attleboro.

Ever yours,
Ian Kabra

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Sinead Starling


Amy told me that you all wanted to hear about how I’m doing. I think she was just being nice. I’m not sure what to make of it if she wasn’t and you all actually do want to hear how I’m doing. I haven’t posted on the message board since 2010. Back then, none of you knew that I was Vesper 3. Back then, I thought I was justified in what I was doing. I wasn’t.

Alistair, who always went out of his way to help my brothers, is dead because of me. Natalie is dead because of me as well. She was only thirteen and I robbed her of the rest of her life. Ian doesn’t have a sister anymore and it’s all my fault. The hostages that did survive have trauma. You probably have trauma from worrying about them. I betrayed Amy’s trust, I put Nellie and Fiske in danger, and put her through having to worry about losing the closest thing she’s had to a parental figure since her actual parents were murdered. She’s somehow forgiven me for all of that. Her exact words were: “if I held a grudge against every person who severely wronged me then I’d have to cut off just about every one of our relatives.” I think it was meant to be comforting. And it kind of was? In a “this family is so messed up that my wrongdoings probably don’t even make a dent” way? Even so, I regret it all every day. But I’m working with a therapist on accepting what I did and moving forward to be a person that I can actually be proud of. 

Ted is still visually impaired, Ned still gets excruciating headaches. If I knew that would still be the case when I was thirty-one, I think I would have lost it. Well, lost it more than I very much did lose it, that is. But they’re both doing well. When he first became visually impaired, Ted was devastated because growing up, he dreamed of becoming an architect and thought that his disability would prevent him from doing what he loved. It didn’t. After college, Ted got an apprenticeship with the blind architect, Chris Downey, and now works for him full-time. Ned, on the other hand, has found a medication that lessens the severity of his migraines so that, while he’s still in constant pain, it’s pain that’s manageable. After graduating college, he got a job at NASA and has been there ever since. As for me, my work is focused on inventing things that make disabled people’s lives easier. 

I don’t know if you all remember, but I was a massive fan of Taylor Swift back in the day. I had gone to four of her concerts back in 2010. Now, with twelve more years under my belt, I’ve upped that number to twenty-one (which is counting when Ted and I are going to see her on the Eras tour). Ted keeps teasing me, saying that I only picked the stop I did because girlinred is opening for her (which is true, but don’t tell him that, I would never hear the end of it). I’m really hoping that Innocent from Speak Now is on the setlist, that’s my favorite Taylor Swift song of all time. 


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Hamilton Holt

Hi gays. Wait. That was meant to say “hi guys.” Oh well. It still works.

Amy sent out an email last week asking if we could update you all on what’s been going on in the past decade. So here goes nothing. 

I went to Notre Dame University for Sports Management. I played on the school’s football team and was noticed by the NFL and I’ve been playing in the big leagues ever since. My dad came to one of my games last month and was so over-enthusiastic about it that he almost got thrown out of the stadium. Some things never change, huh? He’s going to see Reagan perform in the New York City Ballet next week. Pray for her. Madison is also doing well. She graduated from West Point in 2019 and is now a Navy SEAL. 

But enough about me. There’s news from the Cahill Command Center. We intercepted an encoded message from one of our many enemies this morning and we have reason to suspect that they’re coming for us. Unfortunately, we can’t work out the code to figure out what it says. Can you help us out?

Here’s the code:

..   -.-.  .-  -.   -.  —  –   -…  .  .-..  ..  .  …-  .   -.–  —  ..-   .-  -.-.  –  ..-  .-  .-..  .-..  -.–   ..-.  .  .-..  .-..   ..-.  —  .-.   –  ….  .-  –

Let me know once you’ve worked it out! We’re counting on you!

Ham out.

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Jonah Wizard

Amy told me to post on here with some updates. I know its been quiet for a while. Or at least, quieter than it was when we were dealing with the Vespers, Pierce, whatever the hell was going on with Amy and Dan’s grandfather engineering bees whose sting could kill anyone descended from Gideon and Olivia, etc. I’m glad that we haven’t had any major crises in the past decade. The downside to that is that a lot of us have kind of gone radio silent which, according to Amy, made some of you worried.

Cora hasn’t spoken to me since the clue hunt ended. When I was fifteen, that really bothered me. She is my mother after all. And I spent my entire childhood trying to make her happy. When I gave up my clues, I figured she would be angry, I even expected that she wouldn’t speak to me for a few months, maybe even a year. I never thought that I would be nearly thirty and still waiting for her to reach out. It hurts. But I have a therapist and I’m learning to be okay with it. I still have my dad. (He still uses a BlackBerry. The 2008 model. I don’t know how it’s still running, but it’s running well enough that he refuses to let me replace it with an iPhone. Send help.)

Hamilton and I are still best friends. He’s in the NFL now and from what he tells me he’s been having a great season, not that you could prove it by me. He once tried to explain baseball to me, which was painful for both of us. That’s okay though, he doesn’t really understand what I do for a living either. 

Phoenix is also doing well. He’s twenty-four now, if you can believe that (I certainly can’t). He’s had a lot of therapy since being kidnapped and held hostage by the Vespers, which has really helped him. And I know I’ve said this before, but thank you all so much for the work you did unmasking the Vesper Council of Six back in the day, it’s thanks to you guys that I still have my little cousin.

If you’ve been following my professional career, then you’ll already know most of what I’m about to say next. If not, then I hope you’ll consider checking out some of my creative projects. I’m really proud of them. 

If you’ve only heard my earlier work then I hope you check out some of my newer albums. I’ve released four new albums since the whole deal with the killer bees, and my songwriting has grown a lot since I was a teenager.

I produced a hip-hop version of Romeo and Juliet, which premiered Off-Broadway in 2014, before moving to Broadway in 2015 for a limited run. Its become something of a cult classic since then. I also produced a hip-hop adaptation of Shakespeare’s previously lost play, Love’s Labour’s Won. If you didn’t already know, Shakespeare, who was Madeleine Cahill’s grandson, originally penned that play about the Cahill family finally reuniting. As such, I made sure that it premiered Off-Broadway on September 27, 2018 – the tenth anniversary of when Madeleine’s dream was finally realized.

Aside from producing musicals, I’m also starring in one. I’m going to be joining the cast of Hamilton starting April 4th as Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson. I hope some of you can come to see the show!


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