Rebecca Nace, “Lock and Key”

The artist book that I have created is titled Lock And Key. The main focus of my artist book along with my online portion, is to showcase how people in today’s society feel like all eyes are on them and how social media enhances that. My idea was to play on the fact that the person that is presented online or on social media is not the same person when off of social media. 

I think that the imaginary audience and self-esteem has always been an issue we as a society are just talking about it more recently since social media presents beauty standards on a daily basis. And how seeing what you are expected to look like every day and how that can cause serve anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. My inspiration was myself and all other girls growing up in today’s digital age. I know that I am nervous about the way I present myself on a daily basis, and I continually wonder and hope that people will like me. This leads me to look in the mirror and ask why can’t I look the way I want the way that is presented online. I want the audience of my artist book to feel uncomfortable but yet understand it. I think this is a project everyone in some way can relate to even if they do not want to. I want to make people realize that people’s lives are not as perfect as they make it out to be on social media. And how ugly trying to look beautiful on social media can be.

Within my artist book, I discuss the major side effects that come along with the social media world. It is centered around an individual who will do anything to change herself so she looks like the Instagram models and how that affects her health. For my online component, I then want it to showcase how her life on social media looks perfect yet all under a lock and key she is suffering.

To view the digital content of “Lock and Key,” click on this hyperlink.