More Than Meets the Eye

In the spring of 2017, a fight broke out at Corcroan High School that ended in a substitute teacher being stabbed in the shoulder and lower arm. The media was quick to use this as a means of pushing the narrative that city schools were horrible places to attend.

These were some of the comments left on Facebook…

When you mention Corcoran High School you are likely to get a very typical reaction. Usually, someone will tell you that they are sorry that you had to go there or they’ll tell you some story about how rude your football team is. They might even ask if you saw the teacher get stabbed. You might be quick to mention the IB Program at Corcoran in response, but it is safe to say that not many people will know what you mean by IB.

Let’s talk about IB. Corcoran is one of 5,175 IB schools across the world and one of 1,700 in the US as of 2017. School’s have to be chosen to become an IB school and teachers must be trained to teach the courses. The diploma program is two years (junior through senior year) and requires you take a full IB schedule to qualify for the diploma. A full IB student would take, within these two years, math, science, a language, english, history, theory of knowledge, and an elective. Some classes are one year, or standard level, and others are two years, higher level. IB students must also write a Historical Essay and an Extended Essay. On top of written exams, your english and other language class also require an oral assessment. IB students must also complete C.A.S hours (Creativity, Activity and Service).

With that being said…

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