Follow the Path

Day 1. Isolation Walk #1

A walkthrough of the first day’s mid-morning installment. Two minutes and nine seconds. Voice and audio played through headphones. Establishing control through active commands and their sense-based necessity. Core sound is muffled through the headphones for attention to be placed on any noise made. Direct stimulation. Total dominance over the AM. This is where we introduce “the path.” It’s minimal. AM is meant to follow it throughout unless otherwise directed.

Day 2. Short Encounter #1

AM follows a shortened path. Directed to leave early. One minute and one second. An actress compliments the AM on their coat, whether or not they’re wearing one. Audio does not dip as if to suggest it’s just a nice comment from a friendly passerby. Self-aware concept put in place. Recognition of AM’s use of headphones.

Day 3. Isolation Walk #2

Injection of memories, contingent on attention to voice. Three minutes and sixteen seconds. AM meant to be made aware of false memories, but also recognize their captivation. Voice introduces itself as “extended conscious.”

Day 4. Vending Machine Encounter #1

AM stands at the vending machine and someone approaches it. Audio does not drop. Actor at vending machine asks for a dollar, but visually acknowledges the headphones suggesting he’s a passerby. Fifty-one seconds.

Day 5. Vending Machine Encounter #2

AM sees vending machine actor again. One minute and seven seconds. Actor makes a joke about bringing a card to buy a snack instead of cash. Audio continues through. Actress from Day 2 waves hello during an audio bit about friendship. Suspicion in coincidence is intentional.

Day 6. Partner Walk

Introduction of another AM. One minute and thirty-four seconds. AM walks with a different AM while the voice talks about the similarities between the two. Suggestion that the audio is consistent with all AMs, but paths are different. AM told to turn away once the other AM continues on their path.

Day 7. Paranoia Walk

Forced paranoia. Questioning of whether everyone is an actor. One minute and twenty-one seconds. AM told to walk to a table where vending machine actor asks, joking, if he has a dollar to spare (reference to Day 4). AM promptly leaves after this.

Day 8. Vending Machine Metaphysics

A near-comedic turn. AM forced to listen to a rant on the Metaphysical nature of the vending machines. Two minutes and forty-three seconds. Talks about control and capitalism (briefly). Cautiously on the nose.

Day 9. The Elevator

Weird interaction with Passerby and Door Keeper. Voice over is slightly intoxicated. One minute and twenty-eight seconds. Recognition of actors in the production. Teasing of ‘different paths.’ AM prompted to leave path, ultimately told not to do so.

Day 10. Isolation Walk #3

Voyage into a new space. Buildings closed off. Three minutes and six seconds. Some contradiction of previous messages, some additions, as well. Ends with the AM being able to explore the new hall if they’d like.

Day 11. Penultimate Overlook

Sort-of eerie. The music is dissonant and the voice-over recording speaks little. One minute and twenty-six seconds. Fake autonomy as few instructions are given and the AM follows the path on instinct. Door Keeper makes an appearance. AM simply told to “leave.”

Day 12. The End

Finale with most of the scripted actors. One minute and twenty plus seconds.

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